Health Equity and Systems Change: Are You Asking These 4 Key Questions?


The March Health Equity trainings were co-facilitated by HRiA’s Aleya Martin and Mo Barbosa in four regions across the state: Brockton, Framingham, Greenfield, and Tewksbury. Participants described the trainers as “engaging, accessible, and highly skilled.” They appreciated that Aleya and Mo “used understandable examples from real life” to dive into this vital topic, starting with an interactive discussion of the meaning and application of Health Equity.

Defining Equity

One definition participants found useful is this one, created by PolicyLink: “Equity means just and fair inclusion. An equitable society is one in which all can participate and prosper. The goals of equity must be to create conditions that allow all to reach their full potential. In short, equity creates a path from hope to change.”

The 4 Questions

Training participants are invited to consider four key questions in their systems change work. ¬†One participant described these questions as “inherently radical because they bring the unspoken to light.”


These provocative questions left training participants asking for more, wanting to know about

  • How to apply this in my office?
  • How to get others to see the importance of the topic
  • How to effectively engage communities in Health Equity work
  • Specific exercises and practical skills in having discussions with co-workers
  • Health disparities vs. health equity
  • Racism and bias

Ready for a deeper dive into Health Equity? Join HRiA’s Mo Barbosa on May 21 for our interactive webinar, Health Equity: Taking the Next Steps. Learn more