Health Equity Cohort Applications Are Now Open!


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This cohort will serve as a learning network that connects public health workers and coalition leaders from across the state working to promote health equity in their communities. Participants will share and learn from their collective experiences and challenges on an on-going basis, and build their capacity through engaging in interactive training methods and skill-focused learning. Together, we will explore the topic of heath equity and better understand how to incorporate these learnings into our work.

How is it different from our public trainings?

Our public trainings are open to everyone, and each training topic stands alone. With this cohort, we will be building on the previous trainings by diving more deeply into the topic of health equity with each session. Moreover, we will be training with the same group of people to promote interpersonal development and collaboration so that the relationships you build within this cohort will continue after its conclusion. 

Applications are now closed. We will be informing those accepted into the cohort the first week in February.

Training Schedule

Deconstructing Structural Racism: examining history and systems to make change

Tuesday, March 12, 2019, 09:00am – 01:00pm 

To understand why health disparities exist today, we need to acknowledge and examine the history and systems in place that have created and perpetuated cumulative, persistent, race-based inequities. This training will provide a broad, historical context of current health disparities from housing policy and unfair mortgage lending to incarceration rates, and poorly resourced schools and its connection to structural racism. Participants will also have an opportunity to build skills and a common language to address inequities in their communities and organizations. This training will also discuss how to recognize the privilege that privileged identities hold and use that understanding to empower others and make connections across difference.

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Moving From the Social Detrminants of Health to Health Equity

Tuesday, March 26, 2019, 11:00am – 12:30pm

Although medical care is critically important to individual health, factors such as the quality of schools, cost of living, access to jobs with fair pay, and the safety of our neighborhoods can further facilitate, or hinder, good health in the long term. The conditions in which we live, work and play are indicators of why some people are healthier than others. This training will delve into the social determinants of health (SDoH), and their role in shaping communities, and how to move toward health equity. Strategies to address SDoH and the promotion of health equity through programmatic and community interventions will also be addressed. This training will also encourage participants to think about ways to engage community residents in these efforts effectively and collaboratively.

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Racial Equity

Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 09:00am – 01:00pm

Achieving racial equity requires society’s systems and markets to perform equally well for different racial and ethnic groups. Unfortunately, the data for most of our systems and markets does not currently show equity or parity for our most disenfranchised racial and ethnic groups. This training will explore how institutional or customary practices, whether intentional or unintentional, are set up to further perpetuate racial health inequities. Participants will get a chance to explore how this manifests in the community context and ways in which they can work actively against perpetuating these inequitable systems.

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