Important message from MA DPH for coalitions: Verify Your Coalition Profile

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Important Update!

In 2015, MA DPH established Coalition Principles and Guidelines. The intent of these Principles and Guidelines is to
(1) articulate MA DPH’s strong support for coalition engagement;
(2) establish shared language for its vendors and partners regarding community collaboration and coalition engagement; and
(3) provide guidelines and direction to grantees/vendors around how MA DPH defines a coalition (by meeting a set of minimum requirements).

These guidelines will be consistently applied to a number of MA DPH functions, including RFR collaboration and the DON Factor 9 process.

Read the Coalition Engagement Principles and Guidelines here.

By registering for the Coalition Finder and verifying whether or not your coalition meets the minimum guidelines, you enable those working on RFRs or within the DoN Factor 9 process to find coalitions to work with.

Please note: Even if you have updated your coalition profile in the past, this is a new verification process for all coalitions.

Action Required by March 30, 2016:

(1) Search Coalition Finder for your coalition.
(2) Update or add your coalition (this step includes verification).

Click here to search and verify your coalition profile!

CoalitionFinderPromo 500x306