Important Resource for Coalitions: HRiA’s FAST Strategic Planning Model

Organizations and community partnerships know strategic planning is critical to better performance, engagement, and quality improvement. Yet many face the reality that planning is time consuming and costly. HRiA’s FAST approach to Facilitating Alignment and Strategic Thinking builds consensus, uses data to inform collective action, and aligns efforts to maximize impact. FAST is an intensive and interactive planning process that produces the output of a typical 12- to 18-month planning engagement – in just about eight hours. HRiA emphasizes an equity focus in our FAST engagements and the approach has been tested by health care institutions, public health departments, and community organizations across the country.

HRiA’s latest Practice Brief outlines the benefits and key components of this FAST approach, including how FAST maximizes impact while engaging diverse, multi-disciplinary stakeholders. The keys to a successful FAST strategic planning effort are outlined, and client stories demonstrate FAST in action. The 4-step FAST planning cycle is supplemented by five easy-to-use tools including:

  • Stakeholder Engagement Tool
  • Vision-Mission-Values Tool
  • Prioritization Tool
  • Action plan
  • Communication Planning Tool

Learn more about how FAST has been used by the Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts

Download the practice brief FAST:
FAST Brief Download

Download FAST Tools

FAST Action Plan
FAST Communications Plan
FAST Prioritization Plan
FAST Stakeholder Tool
FAST Vision Mission Values Tool