Kelly Danckert

Kelly Danckert, MPH, serves as the Program Manager for the Helplines and the Training and Capacity Building Department.  In this role, Kelly takes the lead on engaging community coalitions, working with trainers to develop and edit written materials, creating content for the website and social media channels, and assisting with training development. 

After participating in a yearlong research symposium in South Africa studying the impacts housing and health equity have on health outcomes, Kelly Danckert developed a strong passion for community health and engagement. She spent her time in Cape Town working with non-profits to educate and empower citizens about their rights surrounding healthcare and housing policy, as well as working on treatment literacy campaigns for HIV positive populations. Prior to that, Kelly was an intern in Senator Edward J. Markey’s office, working on healthy housing initiatives and asbestos regulation. During her undergraduate career, she pursued her passion for writing with jobs at The Boston Globe and her university’s nonfiction magazine. Kelly earned her degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and her Masters in Public Health from Boston University with a concentration in Health Communication and Promotion.