Central MetroWest Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative

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Hudson, Northboro, Southboro, Natick, Ashland, Framingham

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Colin Gallant
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Additional Information

The Central MetroWest Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative is leadership and general members of the substance abuse prevention coalitions of 6 towns in the Central MetroWest region of Massachusetts combining efforts to identify shared risk and protective factors in their communities and apply evidence based policies, practice, and systems change to address them for the purpose of preventing underage drinking. Based on our strategic planning, the collaborative has identified prevention efforts that focus on connecting youth to caring adults and enhancing local policies and regulations. Specific interventions include:

  • Training adults in our communities who work with youth in Positive Youth Development in order to promote youth empowerment and resiliency.
  • Identifying opportunities to connect youth with the caring adults who exist in their communities.
  • Developing tools for and providing support to efforts to enhance alcohol pouring and retail policies and regulation on the town level.

Meets all coalition criteria. Updated on 11/15/18