5 Webinars for Public Health Agencies Doing Quality Improvement


By engaging in dozens of one-on-one conversations, working groups, and panels, I’ve observed that health agencies doing stellar QI work have built their internal capacity in areas that include health equity, multi-sector engagement, coalition assessment, and community health improvement planning.

I’ve been impressed by how many local health departments succeed at QI work with little or no training budget — by tapping into free resources that include local universities, other health departments, and online resources like PHF’s AHD Learning Community; the CDC’s TRAIN courses, and the RWJF-funded Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX).

HRiA’s Community Health Training Institute offers a number of trainings and webinars containing this content, some of which is not readily available through other sources. Based on what I’ve observed, I’ve curated this collection of our webinars that will help serve these training needs:

We will continue live-tweeting from the conference today. Follow along at @hriainstitute and #COPPHI. If you watch one of these webinars, send us a tweet to let us know what you think! If you have training resources to share, tweet those too or email us.



Submitted on April 8, 2016 by Stefanie Valovic, Project Manager at HRiA’s Community Health Training Institute