Communicating Your Work


Communication Tips and Tools to Strengthen Impact

Recorded webinar, 90 minutes

Participants in this webinar will learn about the elements of a communications strategy and how it can increase the effectiveness of your organization or project. They will also understand the value of doing research in the community as part of a communications effort and how it can inform the design of the strategy, including identifying appropriate audiences, communication approaches, and channels. Methods for evaluating the outcomes and impact of a communications strategy will be briefly described.

Tools from Health Resources in Action 


HRiA Communication Planning Tool

Responses to the questions below will provide you with a communication plan in a narrative form. You can also turn this into a work plan delineating activities, responsibilities, and timeline. Use more space under each step as necessary. Use the Formative research planning tool to define what additional information you need to know about your audience(s), the problem, and the approach you will take to solve it. Use the Evaluation planning tool to identify measures of success and methods for collecting data.

Formative Research Planning Tool

This planning tool will gudie research that will inform the development of your communication effort. 

Evaluation Planning Tool

This planning tool with guide how you measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts in meeting objectives.

Other Resources

Social Media and Digital Tools (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

From the CDC: Integrating social media into health communication campaigns and activities allows health communicators to leverage social dynamics and networks to encourage participation, conversation and community – all of which can help spread key messages and influence health decision making. Read more